【Implementating standard】
【Product applications】
JWC3218 can be applied to tile adhesive of C1, C1T and C1TE as specific cellulose. Also it can be added in cement based Putty powder, insulation system adhesive mortar and surface mortar, evaluated as an indispensable additive in tile adhesive for rapid construction and high-performance.
【Product performance】
1.Properties of JWC3218

General chemical structure


Brookfield RVT, 20 °C, in 2% water solution


Particle size

≤8% remain on the mesh of 0.157 mm


≤6.0%, in package

Volume density

200 – 600 g/L

2.Function of JWC3218
● high strength development speed
● Long open time
● Good property of flow resistance
● Excellent property of water retaining
● Rapid dissolution
● Recommended dosage in tile adhesive is 0.30 – 0.5%
● Recommended dosage in surface mortar of polystyrene board insulation system is 0.30 – 0.5%

3.Application examples

Tile Adhesive       ( Tested under JC/T547-2004)


Standard mortar(0.1~0.3 mm)……600

Cellulose ether……0.35

Remark:RDP is not added in this prescription to avoid any interference to the data.

Test items




Water ml /g(powder)




Diffusion diameter of vaulting table   mm




Sagging     mm




Tensile strength     N/mm2




Strength after 28-day curing ,N/mm2




Open time,min

Wet adhesive on tile back>50%




1.Excellent open time
The wettability of this product is better than the unmodified composite cellulose, which means the tile adhesive has a longer construction time and enable more convenient operating for the workers by being added it.
2.Excellent property of flow resistance
The slippage of JWC3218 added tile adhesive is nearly none, far better than the products of MK200000 and MK75000. It means the slippage property of tile adhesive gets quite good by adding JWC3218, greatly improving the convenience of construction.
3. Excellent bond strength
The bond strength of Tile adhesive with JWC3218 added is higher than MK200000 and MK75000. This is because the retarding effect of hydration from cellulose to cement is specially weakened in functional design, which then improves the strength of tile adhesive.
【Product advantages】
The product is a kind of functionally modified cellulose ether. The tile adhesive will be significantly improved on its wettability, flow resistance and bond strength with the JWC3218 additive compared to the unmodified cellulose. And the modified product enables a longer construction time and eliminates glissade of the tile adhesive in construction as well as improves its strength. No need to soak the ceramic tile or wet the metope before the construction, which saves plenty of time; Just 2-3mm seam is enough to fulfill the construction requirement, which saves materials; good in wettability and water retaining property, which enables tiny adjustment even after the ceramic tile has been bonded for 10-15min.
【Usage and dosage】
Weigh a certain amount of cellulose and stir with the cement, sand and water to ensure it is evenly blended. Lay it for 3-5min, then second blend should be done to begin the construction. The recommended dosage of cellulose is 0.3-0.5% of the tile adhesive weight, and it can be adjusted as per actual need. At the low dosage, the property of anti-sliding goes up to the best; as the dosage increases, the wettability gets better to excellent.
The tile fixing should be operated according to the instruction manual, or it may fail to achieve the desired effect;
The data above is achieved as the lab result under standard lab conditions, so it should be applied under 5℃-40℃, and avoid high temperature, low temperature and rainy weather.
If the thickness of tile exceeds the standard, the anti-sliding property may be not so good, then the construction should be from top to bottom.
Transportation and storage of this product should be away from water, moisture and sun exposure.

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