N5117 is a specific cellulose ether for internal & external walls of putty powder, which performs well in construction and water-retaining.
JWC3218 can be applied to tile adhesive of C1, C1T and C1TE as specific cellulose. Also it can be added in cement based Putty powder, insulation system adhesive mortar and surface mortar, evaluated as an indispensable additive in tile adhesive for rapid cons...
Physical properties
Real specific gravity: 1.46
Apparent density: 0.45~0.70g/mL (tapped)
Solubility: HPC does not dissolve in water but swells. It neither dissolves nor swells in ordinary organic solvents, but dissolves in a 10% NaOH solutio...
Hypromellose is widely used as a binder for granulation, and is available in various viscosity grades for different purposes. Joinpure ® Hypromellose is easy to use as a film coating material and gives an excellent finish. It is very versatile, and is su...
Joincel should be stored under dry and clean conditions in its original packaging due to it’s hygroscopic property. Avoid heat and moisture. Otherwise Joincel will absorb moisture relative to the humidity of the air. However, CE products are not perishable p...
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